Artist Statement...




At present, I produce colourful, functional hand built, hand painted production work, as well as one-of-a-kind functional and sculptural pieces.

Challenged by my Sister-in-law to produce an interesting outdoor plant pot, I started to explore impressed floral and herbal surfaces. This ended up taking me into a totally new direction, one that I found interesting and encompassing. Over the past few years, the production of wall tiles has led to the creation of a variety of functional pieces which utilize the tiles/concept. In terms of my production work, I plan to continue the exploration of the use of plants and flowers and incorporation of the concept in an ever growing variety of new forms.

Unfortunately, I have had limited time to devote to my one-of-kind, sculptural pieces. 2004 marks a dogged determination to spend more time stretching the limits of my imagination and technical capabilities. "No Venus de Milo," created in 2003, was a step in my attempts to create full sized figurative cat sculptures. It was an exploration of structural integrity required for building large forms. The physical limitations of my kilns require the building of large sculptures in several pieces. "Venus" (as seen below) was built in two. My next challenge is to build even larger forms using three sections.


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