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Fish Series


Our hand built and thrown tableware comes in a large variety of bright, colourful patterns. Made of stoneware clay, hand painted in polychromatic underglazes and clear glazed, they are food, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.



A selection of functional and decorative work on a cat theme with three styles to choose from:

Silly Katz A whimsical cat on a more traditional motif
Art Deco Cats An even sillier cat than the Silly Katz (they will bring a smile to your face)
Siamese Cats A fanciful rendition of a cat lover's favourite


Our jewellery line is not large and consists of pins only. Five styles to choose from:

• Art Deco   • Tailed Cat   • Lustre Cat   • Butterfly   • Floral



Home decor for indoor or outdoor gardening. Find unique and different gifts for the gardening enthusiast including Garden Markers, Planters and Sculpture.


Home Decor

A wide selection of work for decorating your home. Our Wall Tiles are inspired by flowers and herbs and come "ready to hang". Or choose from a variety of distinctive Accessories, for decorating any room in your home. From fun and funky, we carry a wide selection suitable for making a house a home.


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