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Oval Jewel



Oval Jewel 2

Artist's Statement

Henry Moore, a well-known British sculptor, placed one of his large sculptures in a farmer’s sheep pasture. He explained how he enjoyed the changing nature of the sculpture as it interacted with the sheep, the landscape and the changing light. I became fascinated by the idea that a sculpture’s relationship to its environment, in particular, light, affects how the viewer perceives the work.


Working within this context, I began to create work that utilized form and texture to capture and manipulate light.

In my earlier explorations I discovered primitive firing, a process that uses both fire and smoke to create unique patterns and designs. I fell in love with the uncontrolled nature of the patterns, the contrast between light and dark. By using this method on my strongly architectural forms I was able to create disparity between the form and the amorphous surface.

Then the fun really began. With inspiration coming from many sources, I played with the forms and surfaces, augmenting the surfaces to enhance the qualities of light.

Every exhibition is a journey of exploration and growth, finding one’s voice. This has been but a step. I hope you enjoy!

Many thanks to:

  • CARFAC Mentorship program and Les Potter
  • Sask Arts Board for believing in me when I was ready to pack it in
  • Martha Cole for her guidance in helping me understand the true nature of an exhibition and how to edit
  • My Husband Ian, for the woodworking, electrical and most importantly for living through this with me


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