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Born in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, Susan has lived in Outlook, Saskatchewan, Canada since 1983. Susan moved to Saskatchewan to provide a rural upbringing for her children. The isolation from her roots and her new baby soon resulted in "cabin fever". Her husband suggested that she take a local pottery class and she has never looked back.

For a number of years, Susan took classes and workshops, improving her skills. Wanting a more formal education in clay, she enrolled in Applied Fine Arts - Ceramics at Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology, and graduated in 1995. During this time, Susan discovered two things that had significant impact on her work, hand building and porcelain clay.

Susan explains, "It took me ten years to realize that I have a very architectural approach to designing and creating. Throwing, while fun, is a subtractive process. You start with a lump of clay and take away to create form. In hand building, in particular slab work, you cut out pieces and put them together to create. A completely different way of working." Hand building provided Susan with the techniques to produce her unique and interesting designs. Creating in white porcelain clay provided the perfect background for Susan to express her love of colour. Using commercially prepared underglazes she has developed a wide range of bright and colourful fun, funky, designs.

Susan's functional pottery is sold in shops and galleries across Canada. Susan's one-of-a-kind work has been exhibited in Canada and the United States.


"A Conversation with Sue Robertson"
Article in The Outlook Newspaper August 16, 2010.


Susan's Latest Solo Exhibition was a rousing success. She thanks all those who attended. The pieces from the show are now in the Sculpture Section.


Susan was proud to have her
butterfly bud vase selected
for the front cover of
Retail News in March 2008.



Susan accepting award for Uniquely Prairie,
Best Overall Booth Design, August, 2001


Bel Art Gallery
Excellence Award 2005

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